Boston & Wakefield Will Lawyer and Estate Planning Attorney

The thought of dying is not pleasant, but planning for the future and protecting your loved ones is crucial for everyone. Having a qualified attorney prepare your estate planning documents, such as your Will, Health Care Proxy and Power of Attorney is the best way to ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes. It is important to remember that you will most likely need new Estate Planning documents after a Divorce.

As a Boston and Wakefield will lawyer and estate planning attorney, I help clients with the following:

  • Will: A Will is the basic instrument for transferring property at death and will provide the following: a person to administer your estate; name a guardian for your minor children; provide for the payment of legacies, debts, expenses and taxes; and indicate who will inherit your estate.
  • Power of Attorney and Health Care Proxy: In some instances, sickness, advanced age, or an accident can lead to a temporary or permanent state of mental instability. Therefore your finances will still need to be attended too, and the need to make imperative decisions about the course of your health care will need guidance. It is important to prepare a Power of Attorney and Health Care Proxy in order to designate someone whom you trust to make these decisions on your behalf.

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