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Is Mediation right for you?

By: Rachel L. Engdahl, Esq.

The decision has been made.  You and your spouse are getting divorced.  Now what?  One of the first steps is to decide whether you are a good candidate for Mediation.   Sometimes litigation is absolutely necessary but below find some reasons why Mediation might be right for you.

Take Control of Your Divorce.  The emotional fall out from a divorce can have an impact on the entire family.  Mediation can eliminate unnecessary stress and heartache.

Cost Effective.  You worked hard for you money.  Funds spent on costly litigation can stay in the bank or spent on your children’s college education.

Avoid the Courtroom. You know each other better than a Judge.  Coming to an agreement does not mean you will always walk away happy, but you will walk away on your own terms.

Identify Each Party’s Interests.  Listen to each other.  Many parties are surprised at what is truly important to the other. These small facts can get lost in a courtroom battle.

Fair and Reasonable. Most family law mediators are committed to being reasonable in negotiations and securing a fair outcome for both parties.

Children.  Time spent on litigation is time away from your kids.  Sometimes you need to focus on who (not what) is important.

Post-Divorce Stability.  You came to an agreement during mediation once and you can do it again.  If there is an issue down the road, avoid immediate court intervention and reevaluate the problem in an amicable manner.

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